THE IPA Gallery

More than a decade ago, I was a huge fan of IPA.I was always fascinated with the inspiring images it produces annually as a worldwide platform to showcase talent and revolutionary ideas in the world of photography.

Photography has always inspired me to give tongue to my ideas and idealism. I always wanted to build my dreams through it.

Never did I realize that one day, IPA will come to my very hometown and put a space where I will do what I have been dreaming to do. That is photography.

In the place and family where I came from, dreams seemed to be hard to achieve when you only have a little.

To the very people who helped me get into the work and a place I always dreamed of, thanks for your kindness. You put me in a fascinating joyride. Thank you, Cat for the chance.

And thank you Hossein for all the good things you brought to me.🙂

And to the people who helped me through a lot, thank you.

Indeed, the best way to fulfill a dream is to wake up. In my case, I woke up and saw photography:-)


Top photographers including Wig Tysmans and Jun Barrameda attended the IPA Best of Show with Artist Willy Layug (5)

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